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Top 10 OSHA Violations

Our “Top 10 OSHA Violations” Safety Video gives you just what it says. Do you know what they are? How many violations has your company had? Would you like to know what other companies typically find are their violations? Is there one that you are not addressing and is just waiting for OSHA to ding you on?

This program reveals the top 10 OSHA violations and explains how each can be corrected and eliminated from the workplace. Some of them are simple but not so easy as with many things that are important to your company. If safety is the name of the game, OSHA is not something you want problems with. You know they aim to help you make your business safe, so knowing what they know, and perhaps more importantly, what they typically find during inspections, will not only help you stay out of the way of violations but also to win the game of safety.

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