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5-Minute Tailgate Safety Training Videos 5

5-Minute "Tailgate" Videos

5-Minute Tailgate Safety Training Videos 8

Manual Material Handling & Back Injury Prevention (5 Minute version)

This program was researched and developed by Safety Video and a risk control consultant with over 30 years of experience working directly with numerous companies—large and small. We have distilled this information so employees can not only learn to lift safely, but learn other manual material handling techniques as well. This is why having a proper lifting techniques and back safety training video is so important to your training plans.

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5-Minute Tailgate Safety Training Videos 10

Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice (5 Minute Version)

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Video–There are many potential hazards and risks in the workplace that require the regular use of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. There are also a lot of excuses that employees give for not wearing their personal protective equipment, such as “It’s uncomfortable”, “I don’t have the time” or “It slows me down”. In reality, using required PPE is always the right choice.

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5-Minute Tailgate Safety Training Videos 15

Slip, Trips and Falls (5 Minute Version)

When it comes to slip and fall injuries, no one wins. The GOOD news is that the vast majority of slips and falls, over 90%, are preventable incidents that can be avoided. Our DVD “Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls”, covers the following important topics: walking defensively, choosing a safe route, good housekeeping practice, speed and proper footwear.

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5-Minute Tailgate Safety Training Videos 16

Respirators & How to Use Them (5 min. version)

This is a short refresher training course. Persons who wear a respirator must be trained and authorized by the company. They must know how to put on and take off the respirator. The selection and fit of the respirator must be comfortable for the wearer. This program will discuss the various types of respirators and proper use.

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