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Office and Computer Ergonomics

The government may provide guidelines for compliance, but the employee is most capable of ensuring their own safety. There have been improvements in the study of ergonomics in recent years. Office workers may be at risk of developing an ergonomic disorder due to exposure to ergonomic hazards. There has been an increase in the number of occupational ergonomic disorders reported. This creates a problem for the worker and employer. The company can provide the proper equipment, but in the end the worker has to make suggestions on how to improve the ergonomics of performing the job.

This program is to make viewers aware of ergonomics and how specific techniques can help prevent injuries in the workplace.


  • Defining Ergonomics
  • Controlling Workplace Hazards
  • Proper Ergonomic Controls Prevention
  • Ergonomically Correct Computer Workstation
  • Breaks and Personal Exercise
  • Lifestyle Changes and Improvements
  • Summary

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