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Fire Extinguisher Training & Fire Prevention

Fire extinguishers are common to all workplace settings but most employees have only a vague idea of how to safely operate them. This program demonstrates step by step procedures for safely extinguishing a fire using the PASS system. Fire prevention is serious business and should be taken seriously by everyone in the workplace.

“Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire Prevention” covers:

The 5 classes of fire
Types of fire extinguishers
How and when to use a fire extinguisher
Fire prevention techniquesFlammable chemicals
Storing compressed gas cylinders

The Program is intended to assist employers to comply with OSHA training requirements. Fire prevention and proper response is extremely important and should be taken seriously by everyone in the workplace. There can never be enough safety and training talk to prevent injuries, but fire is the most devastating and preventable accident or disaster that can happen anywhere.

Includes a trainer support CD with 20 test questions and additional training materials. Video, test and trainer support materials now available on USB Flash Drive!

All programs come with a test and other trainer support materials.

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