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Extreme Consequences

Serious industrial and construction accidents, injuries and deaths occur everyday in a wide variety of workplaces. We mainly hear about them on television or read about them in newspapers or the internet, but rarely do we see the horrifying results. If we did, there would probably be far fewer of them.

That’s what this program is all about—to show what REALLY happens when safety rules or procedures are ignored or violated, or if the correct personal equipment or machine guarding isn’t utilized.

Extreme Consequences is straightforward and to the point—there are no stylized re-enactments or special effects, just real, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC images of workplace injuries that demonstrate the importance of personal protective equipment and paying attention to your job and surroundings.

Topics and photographs include:

  • Head injuries
  • Puncture wounds
  • Eye injuries
  • Burns
  • Chemical burns

The vast majority of industrial injuries, even the most serious, need not happen and can be easily prevented. Increase safety awareness and help avoid these devastating injuries with this truly unforgettable high impact program.

All programs come with a test and other trainer support materials.

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