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Respirator Basics

Respirator Basics
Training Time: 28 minutes
Respirators are important and commonly used in the workplace. This course explains what a respirator is and the types of hazards for which they can provide protection. It also explains the difference between air-supplying and air-purifying respirators as well as tight-fitting and loose-fitting respirators. The use of respirators within the hierarchy of controls is covered, as are assigned protection factor (APF), selection criteria, and cleaning, maintaining, inspecting, and storing procedures. Finally, training and personal responsibility are covered.

Learning Objectives
• Explain what a respirator is
• Identify three different types of hazardous environments that respirators can protect you from
• Explain the difference between air-purifying and air-supplying respirators
• Explain the difference between loose-fitting and tight-fitting respirators
• Explain the proper use of respirators within the hierarchy of controls
• Identify three factors to consider when selecting the proper respirator
• Explain assigned protection factor
• Explain the importance of and procedures for cleaning, inspecting, maintaining, and storing respirators
• Explain what you should learn during respirator training
• Explain the employee’s responsibility for safe respirator use


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