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Lockout/Tagout & the Control of Hazardous Energy Sources

Lockout-Tagout procedures not only protect authorized maintenance employees from harm, but also any affected employees that work on or near the machine or equipment while it is undergoing servicing or repair. Lockout-Tagout helps prevent serious workplace injuries, and is required by OSHA.

Our DVD and VHS Lockout-Tagout Safety Video release “Lockout-Tagout and the Control of Hazardous Energy Sources” covers the following important topics:

  • Definition of Lockout / Tagout
  • Types of hazardous energy sources
  • The purpose of lockout / tagout
  • Lockout / tagout procedures
  • Use of multiple locks and tags
  • Locking out “plug in only” equipment
  • Definition of authorized vs affected employees

This training program is intended to assist employers in promoting safe work practices and complying with OSHA requirements.

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