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Ergonomics and Video Display Terminals (VDTs)

The Ergonomics and the Video Display Terminal program was designed to cover some of the different issues surrounding ergonomics as it applies to the Video Display Terminal or VDT. Ergonomics is adapting an environment to the limits of the human body. It is not just about comfort, but design and function with the human body in mind. Like any tool or workstation, if you do not use the computer correctly, you can cause damage to your body including eyestrain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and stiff neck and back.

Video display terminals are used in all modern offices. Improper use can lead to ergonomic injuries. Prevent these injuries following the procedures described by this program. (Producer: Digital 2000)


  • Background
  • Inspection
  • Lighting and Glare
  • Workstation Seating
  • Screens, Keyboards and Work Surfaces
  • Work Practices
  • VDT Accessories
  • Summary

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