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Proper Lifting Techniques and Back Safety Training Video

This program was researched and developed by Safety Video and a risk control consultant with over 30 years of experience working directly with numerous companies—large and small. We have distilled this information so employees can not only learn to lift safely, but learn other manual material handling techniques as well. This is why having a proper lifting techniques and back safety training video is so important to your training plans.

Proper Lifting Techniques and Back Safety Training Video

Safe lifting is critical, but it is only one step in the material handling process. The material must then be moved safely and then put down properly. Mechanical devices or other assistance may be required. Size and weight of the load, balance, travel path, foot positions, height of the object, arm positions and material handling equipment are all important factors that must be considered and put into practice. Topics Include:

  • Basic anatomy and physics of the spine and back
  • Safe lifting techniques
  • Ergonomics
  • Posture and computers
  • Muscle fatigue and lifting
  • Other specific material handling tips

Manual Material Handling: Back Injury Prevention is now available at a special price of $99.95. This includes a CD-Rom of 20 test questions and pictures from the video to use in additional training! We add this because it is one thing to show a video but another to make sure they have acknowledged they understand the importance of the material.

Add a proper lifting techniques and back safety training video to your library now. Back injuries are some of the most common, painful and expensive types of injuries. Order today to help ensure a safe, healthy and successful workplace.

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BP450 (14 Min, Eng or Spn, DVD** $99.95 each)

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