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“Introduction to OSHA” Safety Video

“Introduction to OSHA” Safety Video

“Introduction to OSHA” Safety Video

The sole purpose of OSHA is to protect the health and safety of American workers. The OSHA act was signed into law in 1970. Since OSHA was created, work-related deaths have decreased by more than 62% and work-related injuries decreased by more than 42%. All states are mandated to participate in the OSHA program or establish their own program that is comparable to the Federal program. OSHA regulations cover all private sector employers with one or more workers in all states and U.S. territories. OSHA is here to stay. Workers, employers, industry and nation all benefit from this program. The key is to make safety a priority.


  • Agencies Established by OSHA
  • Major Changes by OSHA
  • OSHA’s Authority
  • OSHA’s Compliance Officer Visit
  • Documentation
  • Inspections
  • OSHA Standards
  • Inspections and Violations
  • Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)
  • Summary

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