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Forklift Operator Safety Training Video – Top Seller!

Handling materials and products safely and efficiently is a major factor in the success of numerous industries throughout the world. That is why it is critical that Forklift and other Powered Industrial Truck operators are properly trained in the engineering principles and safe operating techniques of the various types of equipment in use today. This is why we created a Forklift Operator Safety Training Video.

Forklift Training Is No Joking Matter

Forklift Operator Safety Training Video

OSHA has also made it mandatory that all Forklift and Powered Industrial Truck (P.I.T.) operators be trained and certified on the specific equipment that they operate, including forklifts or any of the seven classes of Powered Industrial trucks in use at a particular facility.

Safety Video has produced the most comprehensive overview of Forklift and P.I.T. Training on the market today. Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, Forklift & Powered Industrial Truck Training takes the mystery out of forklift training and covers a wide range of important topics including:

  • Operator Responsibilities
  • Classes of equipment
  • Equipment characteristics
  • Engineering principles
  • Similarities and differences to Automobiles
  • Capacities Attachments
  • Pedestrians Inspection
  • Re-fueling, and others

Option 1: Purchase this  DVD training program for a special price of $99.95  which includes a Trainer CD with a test and other support materials. Option 2: Purchase the DVD with the Deluxe Trainer CD for $129.95 – it includes additional manuals, lesson plans and the Printable Forklift License and Training Certificate (also sold separately below). Option 3: Purchase the video, test, printable licenses/certificates and deluxe trainer support materials on one USB Flash Drive for $149.95 (This option also ships with a complementary DVD!)

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Popular Item!!!

Printable Forklift License and Training Certificate
FM100 (CD-Rom) $14.99

When the training is through and you want your employees to have a Certificate of Completion and a Forklift and Powered Industrial Truck Operator License you can print out these nice high quality ones right from your own computer. Available on CD in an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format or high resolution .jpeg’s for easy use.

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*See Home Page for expiration date (regular price VHS/DVD $125.00)
**These DV-D-R recordings are created using the latest in DVD replicating equipment.They should work on all newer DVD players and DVD players that play back using either progressive scan or have been rated to play DVD-R. May not work with some older DVD player and computers.

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