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Anthrax Threat Safety Video

Anthrax Threat Safety Video

Anthrax Threat Safety Video

When faced with an anthrax incident, don’t panic – be prepared and use common sense. Law enforcement will determine if there is a credible threat. There have been numerous threats of exposure through letters and phone calls. This program discusses the threats of anthrax, pre-planning and handling threats in a safe manner.

Although there is a massive amount of information available on this subject, it is important to help reduce fear of the anthrax threat, and fully explain what companies and employees can do to reduce this threat. This program features Dr. Dennis Perrota, state epidemiologist for the State of Texas, who explains how to protect yourself from the threat. (Producer: Digital 2000)


  • Threats
  • What is Anthrax?
  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Handling Anthrax spills
  • Review

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