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Vehicle Inspection Safety Video for Car and Light Trucks

A pre-trip vehicle inspection safety video will train your employees that sometimes the only way to know who is responsible for the condition of a vehicle before and after it is signed out, but do your employees know…

The answer lies in doing a proper pre-trip vehicle inspection. “Car and Light Truck Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection” is your answer on how to train your employees to do more than fill out their inspection sheet, but to make sure that responsibility is in the right place.

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Safety Video

This video demonstrates all aspects of performing a pre-trip inspection, including common hazards, preventative maintenance checklists, brake and light tests and more. Topics include:
Engine Oil
Transmission Fluid
Engine Cooling System
Air Filter
Engine Tune Up
Computers & Electronics
Glove Compartment
The Driver

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BS725 (Special Price: 11 Min, Eng, DVD $99.95 / Flash Drive $149.95)

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