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Ladder Safety Training Video (Long)

Ladder Safety Training Video

Ladder Safety Training Video

Ladder Safety
Training Time: 29 minutes
Ladders are tools commonly used to gain access to higher levels that are otherwise unreachable. When maintained properly and used according to safety guidelines, they are a simple and effective tool. However, each year thousands of workers are either injured or killed in ladder related accidents. This course describes different types of ladders, as well as ladder construction, ladder selection, height requirements, weight capacity, hazardous conditions, inspections, ladder setup, safe practices when using ladders, storage, and maintenance.

Learning Objectives
• State the general construction of ladders
• Differentiate between the different types of ladders
• Select a ladder appropriate for accessing a work area
• Set up a correct ladder height and pitch
• Identify equipment damage and proper ladder functionality
• Define proper ladder storage and maintenance
• Identify safe ladder setup locations on a worksite

Based on: 29 CFR 1910 Subpart D: Walking-Working Surfaces

C-806 18 min. Run Time; 11 min. Test Time; Eng, DVD $249.00
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