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Package Deal – 5 Safety Training Videos

Get 5 of our best selling programs on 1 USB Flash Drive (or DVD) for an incredible low price!

Now only $395.00! (Regular Price $625.00)

The perfect starter kit for your company’s safety and training library. Also Includes all tests and trainer support materials on a CD-ROM, or on the USB Flash Drive. Scroll down to preview the videos.

1) Basic Employee Safety Responsibilities: Safety Orientation
2) Manual Material Handling: Safe Lifting and Back Injury Prevention
3) Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire Prevention
4) Hazard Communications Training for the Workplace: MSDS/SDS Training
5) Forklifts and Powered Industrial Truck Training

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1) Basic Employee Safety Responsibilities

Suitable for most industries, this program is an excellent overview of safety basics that are vital to safe work practices. Topics include: Reporting to Work, Accidents vs. Incidents, Incident Reporting, Ergonomics, Housekeeping, Manual Material Handling, Hand and Power Tools, Lockout/Tagout, Chemical Safety, Emergency Procedures and more. This program can be used effectively as an introduction to safety for new employees as well as refresher training for existing employees.

2) Manual Material Handling: Back Injury Prevention

Safe lifting is very important, but it is only one step in the material handling process. The material must then be moved safely and put down properly. Material handling devices or other assistance may be required. This program covers the basic anatomy and physics of the human spine and back, as well as safe lifting and other material handling tips, techniques and ergonomics.

3. Fire Extinguisher Training and Fire Prevention

Every company has fire extinguishers and proper training on these devices can save lives and property. This video covers the classes of fires A, B, C, D and even the new category K for food preparation areas. The program demonstrates how to choose the proper fire extinguisher and how to use it effectively in times of emergency. Other topics include fire prevention techniques as well as handling and storing flammable chemicals and compressed gas cylinders.

4. Hazard Communications, MSDS & GHS Training

Chemicals are a part of everyday life. We all use cleaners, detergents, solvents, pesticides, gasoline and many other chemicals on a daily basis. The goal of this program is to ensure that employers and employees understand work hazards and the precautions to take to reduce the incidence of chemical illness and injuries. Topics include: MSDS sheets, Hazardous Chemicals, Hazard Determination, Labeling Requirements, Quantity Considerations, Employee Training Requirements and more.

5. Forklift & Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Training

OSHA has now made it mandatory that all Powered Industrial Truck Operators be trained and certified on the specific equipment that they operate, including forklifts or any powered industrial truck (P.I.T.). This program takes the mystery out of forklift training and covers important topics including: Operator Responsibilities, Classes of Equipment, Equipment Characteristics, Engineering Principles, Similarities and Differences to Automobiles, Capacities, Attachments and much more.

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